COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures for Fall 2020

--In addition to the studio being treated with ViaClean, by ChemDry of Richmond, all surfaces will be wiped down before and after each class, including steam mopping when necessary.

--Each studio will have a separate entrance and exit with signs clearly marking each studio.

  • Studio one ENTRANCE: double doors towards the end of the building  EXIT: double doors in back of the building
  • Studio 2 ENTRANCE: single door outside studio 2  EXIT: front lobby door
  • Studio III ENTRANCE: front lobby door EXIT: will be the same 
  • Studio four ENTRANCE: front door to studio four EXIT: front office door (will go thru the back hallway, past Miss Carrie's office)

--NO parents will be allowed inside the building. You will drop your child off at the door of their specific studio to their teacher or assistant. If you have to use the restroom, please do not hesitate to ask! :) If you need to speak with an office person, please call the studio and make sure no one else is in the office area. 

--EVERY student has to have the COVID-19 waiver signed (or electronically accepted through DSP) or they will be sent home. A waiver has been added to Dance Studio Pro, and on our website home page (for download), and will need to be signed by each participant's parent/guardian before entering a classroom. You can find this waiver on your parent portal under "Waivers" and then the tab, "COVID-19". Please help to make this process as seamless as possible by signing the waiver beforehand. We can print them at the studio for you to sign, or have you sign into your portal and accept (under "Waivers"/"COVID-19" tab), but if you refuse, you/your dancer may not enter the building.

--Once a child has reached the threshold of the studio, they will have their temperature taken, and be given a colored dot, so that we know each student has been checked-in properly. If a dancer registers a fever, they will be sent home immediately.

--At this point, they will also need to take their street shoes off, and put on their dance shoes (if applicable).  NO STREET SHOES on the dance floors. This has always been a rule to protect our floors, but it will be strongly enforced to protect the health of our dancers (imagine what you walk through on a daily basis and then think of your dancer possibly rolling around in it). 

--If a student is in back-to-back classes, they do not need their temperature taken again, but if they leave and come back, they may have to repeat the process.

--ALL faculty must wear masks at all times. 


--ALL students over the age of 10 must also wear masks (unless or until it poses a problem), and we encourage ALL students to wear masks, regardless of age. Masks are the only thing proven to help stop the spread of the virus, and we will continue to do our part for the good of our community until there is a cure or a vaccine available. We will monitor the dancers closely, and will give breaks to "breathe" throughout class. If at any time, your dancer feels lightheaded, we ask that they go immediately (they do not have to ask the teacher) to their designated chair, and remove the mask.  

--Once your child enters the building, they will be taken to wash their hands.  Hand sanitizer will be available in all studios, but we prefer hand washing.    

--Only one backpack per dancer can be carried into the building, and there will be a designated area for each child to put their belongings.  

--If a student has a break longer than 10-15 minutes, they will need to leave the building. They may wait in the field adjacent to the studio (maintaining social distance), and/or have a parent pick them up. NO student should be in the dressing room nor congregating in any other common area of the building. If they are simply moving to another class, we ask that they follow the signs to exit the building, and then wait in front of the entrance to their next class (dance shoes should be removed before stepping back outside...ALWAYS!). We are hoping this will change sometime this season, but we cannot monitor all children on breaks between classes, and as it stands, they have to be constantly reminded about social distancing. We will keep you updated.

--Lines and X's have been added to all studios. The X's are all 6 feet apart, and we need to ensure that all dancers are kept at this distance for the duration of each class. There are solid and dashed lines as well, for "lanes" when going across the floor. Their individual teachers will explain how it works once they arrive in class, but if you as the parent could help explain beforehand, this will help to keep classes moving quicker.

--"X"'s will be used in other areas of the studio to help keep a social distance, such as down the hallways, and also outside to help keep traffic down and social distance in effect. Traffic should always flow in the same direction. 

--NO ONE should enter the building if they are sick, and ANY COVID-19 cases that arise should be brought to our attention immediately. In the event that a student tests positive, we will notify the entire studio immediately, and make sure the building is well-sanitized before letting anyone else reenter (we may also close again if we feel the case may have infected others).

--Signs noting all new directives will be posted clearly on the front of the building and also throughout.


--When class is finished, the teacher will dismiss them one at a time to the proper exit door, and also sanitize their hands.


--We have not adjusted our schedule for cleaning times before and after each class, as we are hopeful this will come to an end sometime this year. Therefore, your child's class may start and/or end 5 minutes late/early. Please bear with us, and know that we are doing our best to keep your children safe and healthy.

We will take EVERY precaution to help keep your children safe, but please understand that this does not mean we can guarantee their safety when it comes to COVID-19. 

Much love, 
Miss Carrie and the CDC Faculty and Staff  

COVID-19 Waiver
ALL students MUST have a COVID-19 waiver signed before entering our building. If you already have an accout with us, you can access this waiver electronically through your parent portal.
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