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    Shonte' D. (Saturday, 13 January 2024 19:25)

    As a parent, it's challenging to put into words the depth of gratitude we feel for the immeasurable love, support, and encouragement Chesterfield Dance Center has provided. The impact extends far beyond the studio, shaping not only my daughter’s dancing skills but also fostering personal growth and confidence. Your dedication to the art of dance and the well-being of your students is truly commendable.
    From the moment my daughter stepped into the studio as a freshman in high school, your warm welcome and unwavering support played a pivotal role in restoring her confidence in dance. The love and encouragement she received from the entire staff created an environment where she could truly thrive.
    One of the most remarkable moments for our family was when Carrie, with her belief in our daughter's abilities, allowed her the opportunity to self-choreograph her solo and compete her solo in dance competitions during her junior year. This level of trust and empowerment is something we will forever cherish.
    Beyond the dance routines and competitions, what sets Chesterfield Dance Center apart is the genuine embrace and acceptance our daughter experienced. Your studio is not just a place to learn dance; it's a family that nurtures and allows each dancer to blossom into the artist they aspire to be.
    We want to express our deepest gratitude for being an integral part of our daughter's journey, both during her high school years and now as she embarks on the exciting chapter of pursuing her BFA in dance in college. CDC staff unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in shaping her passion for dance and fostering the confidence needed to pursue her dreams at the collegiate level. We cannot thank you enough for being a continued source of encouragement, mentorship, and inspiration as she takes this significant step in her dance education. We are truly grateful for the lasting impact Chesterfield Dance Center has had on her journey, and we look forward to witnessing her continued growth under your guidance.
    To any parent considering enrolling their son or daughter at Chesterfield Dance Center, I wholeheartedly encourage it. The commitment to fostering a love for dance and creating an inclusive, supportive community is truly unparalleled. You will undoubtedly find, as we have, that Chesterfield Dance Center staff and dance family is not just a dance studio—it's a second home where dreams are nurtured, confidence is built, and lasting friendships are formed.

    With heartfelt appreciation,
    Shonte’ and family

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    Sheila (Thursday, 18 February 2021 19:52)

    Our family has been impressed with our experience at this studio from day one of Tutu classes. Our daughters, now 8 and almost 10, have danced at Chesterfield Dance Center since they were 4. We chose CDC back then because we’d heard so many great things about the studio’s talented faculty...and we immediately found that the hype was real ❤️The teachers in all genres are professional and fabulous! The family atmosphere they’ve created is exactly what we were looking for. Since then, we’ve enjoyed watching our girls develop not just in their skills and technique at CDC, but also in their love for dance. They’ve made great friends with their classmates (and we have too, with fellow parents). This past year, the COVID safety protocols and transparent communications have been extremely reassuring, as the studio is our 2nd home. We are grateful ❤️❤️

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    Kelly (Saturday, 06 February 2021 10:08)

    My daughter is in her 5th year at CDC and we both have had our expectations exceeded. I do not come from a dance background and had no idea what we were getting into, except my daughter saw a friend working on a CDC routine and wanted to try it. Five years later and I could not imagine our lives without CDC.
    My daughter takes multiple genres, with multiple talented teachers, and would rather be at dance than anywhere else, ever. She has made relationships with the girls and the teachers that have helped to shape who she is and who she will become. She has more confidence in herself and her ability because of the positive and encouraging environment of CDC.
    And as a new ¨dance mom¨ I feel welcomed and comfortable, knowing that someone is always willing to help or walk me through what needs to be done. We truly are a family, growing stronger with each member that joins us. The office is run so efficiently, with amazing communication, great organization, and high standards for the safety and well being of all the girls.
    I cannot recommend CDC enough. Carrie and the other teachers have done a phenomenal job creating a safe, fun, encouraging, and loving dance studio and family, for not only the students, but the families as well.

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    Nanesska (Friday, 05 February 2021 10:25)

    Chesterfield Dance Center has been a home away from home for my daughter for almost 8 years. When she first started she liked to dance, but this studio has taught her so much that it became a love and passion to my daughter. You can see the love and dedication the teachers pour into each dancer, and their choreographies are amazing to see. My daughter loves this studio and everything about it including the friendships she has made. Their Covid protocol procedures are top notch. Thank you for all the support, guidance, and love towards my daughter and all dancers.

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    Stephanie Franklin (Friday, 05 February 2021 06:47)

    Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined a dance studio to be as amazing as Chesterfield Dance Center. Our daughter was welcomed there a few years ago and has not only learned dance at a competitive level, but has gained a second family. These teachers truly love their students like their own and have built what we lovingly refer to as the "cdcfam". Whether a child takes one class or is on their competition team, they treat each child with care and help them learn the art of dance in a comfortable and loving atmosphere. The staff have all studied dance and use a curriculum to ensure the dancers learn the correct and proper terminology and training. They are organized, always putting out information that is needed well ahead of time, and the studio has followed COVID protocols above and beyond what our family could have wanted. We have always felt safe sending our daughter into classes there because of all of the precautions taken before, and when, she enters their doors. We have, and always will, refer to this studio as the "hidden gem" of the local dance community. Once you become a part of the family, you'll understand why. It is truly a place where your child can feel welcomed and accepted always. We are so thankful to have found this studio and had our daughter influenced by this amazing group of teachers. She is forever a better person for it.

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    Sammy (Thursday, 04 February 2021 21:48)

    CDC is the best dance studio period. My daughter has been dancing here for 9 years and my son began dancing this year. They absolutely love it! The teachers are one of a kind and challenge their students to find something within themselves that they didn’t know was possible. If you are looking for a dance family instead of just a place to dance, this is the studio for you!

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    Michelle (Thursday, 04 February 2021 12:35)

    My daughter has been dancing here at Chesterfield Dance Center for about 7 years and I cannot say anything but wonderful things about this studio. From day one we were accepted for who we are and were immediately considered family. This studio welcomed us with open arms and has become my daughters second home. I do not need to worry about my daughter while she is at the studio as I know she is in wonderful and capable hands. All of the staff is absolutely AMAZING and work hard to ensure your child is receiving proper training but also having fun.

    I want to give the biggest shout out for their COVID related procedures. Chesterfield Dance Center did everything they could to continue dance training when the state was shutting down around us. There were recorded lessons, zoom classes and even feedback was provided. Not only was there continual dance training, the staff created fun things/challenges to do at home to keep everyone engaged. Once the studio was allowed back open, Chesterfield Dance has taken many safety precautions to keep the studio clean and sanitized from outside cleaning, temperature checks, masks, cleaning after every class, etc. I feel they have gone above and beyond so our children can continue their training and continue doing what they love. I know for me, I am forever grateful that the studio kept on rolling as dance has been the only friendly socialization my girl has had in almost a year with the schools being closed.

    Very recently Chesterfield Dance Center lost a beloved teacher who the students and teachers consider family. To say this has been hard is an understatement. These teachers have been struggling with their own emotions and grief but have been there for each and every student that needed or continues to need them.

    Thank you Chesterfield Dance Center for accepting us and allowing our daughter to be usual and quirky self. Thank you for providing the outlet that our daughter needs in order to find her way.

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    Shaun Allen/Shaiann Allen (Thursday, 04 February 2021 12:27)

    Chesterfield Dance Center is such an amazing studio. This is our first year but we are so very pleased and thankful to be a part of their family. Prior to joining CDC my daughter was feeling a disconnect and she asked for a new start. We looked around and weighed our options and once we met with Miss Carrie, we felt immediately welcomed and its been this same feeling since her first class. We are well informed by all staff, my daughter is in a class with other students that support each other and respect each others feelings. This was the exact environment she needed and I encourage anyone looking for a studio with a loving atmosphere, strong dance technique, and open communication to please take a minute and check out CDC. CDC thank you for making my daughter smile again. ~ Shaun

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    A Thankful Parent (Wednesday, 30 November 2016 12:12)

    Hi Carrie,
    Lillian's teacher sent me these pictures today (unable to post pictures here-Lillian's words were: "I am thankful for finding a new dance studio that knows me and loves me for who I am."). Evidently they had their morning meeting and talked about being thankful. Then, the teacher sent them to their seats to individually think about something they were each thankful for. Lillian wrote about her new dance family. This brought me to tears. I already knew I'd made the right choice for her, but this put it into writing. Thank you, and your teachers, for accepting and loving Lillian. I just wanted you to know how happy she is there and how thankful I am for all that you and her other teachers do to help her love dance all over again. You are fostering a love of family there that is like no other place I've seen.
    Stephanie :)
    (posted my permission of parent)

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    A Very Happy Parent (Wednesday, 01 June 2016 11:09)

    I wanted to send a note to thank the entire staff at CDC for a great first year. You do so incredibly much that I am sure you take for granted. I wanted to detail out some things out that have made such a difference in our lives. Please share our thanks with the other instructors at the studio.
    1. You gave my child a chance. Sounds silly, right? But you did. You gave her a chance to fail and succeed.
    2. You have gotten to know my child (the good and the bad) and you have treated her like a person. I see this so much in your daily interactions with her.
    3. You have provided her so much respect and in turn that gives her the motivation to provide respect right back.
    4. Of course…you provide amazing instruction. Amazing! My child has grown leaps and bounds this year.
    5. Coaching – wow! You all have been amazing coaches for her. Encouraging her, motivating her, but at the same time giving her corrections, instructions, and needed direction. She needs corrections, instructions, and direction. We all do – and you all provide it with such grace.
    6. Health – this one is so incredibly mind boggling to me. My daughter is not a huge complainer so I have not heard a lot over the years about foot and knee pain. But you spotted issues and you pulled me aside and recommended that we visit a doctor. I can’t even tell you what this means to me. To have you see an issue and let me know about it…that is such an incredible relief to me. I feel like we have someone on our side. Someone who cares about the general well-being and health of my child.
    7. This deserves its own number..the way you are there for the kids before and after each dance at the competitions. I know it has to be completely exhausting for you all. But I can’t tell you what it means to the kids and the parents. You truly care about the kids.
    8. Oh and speaking of the competitions the way you are all there – WOW! Each of you makes a point to be at the competitions even though you do have lives. WOW!
    9. Organization – seriously – you guys knock this out of the park and as a parent – oh my – this is huge. I know in advance what the schedule is. You communicate with me on a weekly basis with updates (love those weekly emails and reminders). This is so incredibly crucial.
    10. Oh and speaking of organization – the fact that I know exactly where my money is going each month – okay mind-blowing.
    11. The dressing room and the homework area. You have given yourselves a tiny office and allowed the kids to have a space to get dressed, eat, do homework. This is amazing. This studio is my daughter’s 2nd home. Shoot it may be her first. The kids are even allowed in the office to do homework and eat. The fact that you open your small space to the kids. Incredible!
    12. Speaking of the studio – you provide a very safe environment so I feel comfortable leaving my kid there all day.
    13. Quality of choreography – the awards speak for themselves. Each of you are amazing and we are lucky to have every single choreographer.
    14. Dress Rehearsal, hair, and makeup class – you set up in advance a session in which we could all learn what we needed to do. You had dress rehearsal weeks before so we could test out all costumes. This is incredible.
    15. Costumes- I received a list of items needed for each dance EARLY in the year.
    16. Volunteering – I know the kids don’t have much time to do it, but you provide them this opportunity as often as possible. Volunteering is a core value of your studio. This is amazing.
    17. Those little gift bags at competitions. I know that takes a ton of time. I still can’t believe you do this. This really means a ton to the kids (and parents).
    18. Respect towards other studios. Your entire team believes every studio in RIC has its place. You don’t ever talk negatively about other studios. This speaks for itself!
    19. The chance to assist in class. My daughter really loves her time assisting. This means so much to her. By allowing her to help, this tells her you have faith in her and you trust her to help the younger kids.
    20. Not yelling at us when we lost a competition earring. We were both honestly scared to tell you. And you looked at me, laughed, opened your magic bag, and handed me an earring. I can’t tell you the relief we both felt.
    21. During shows you are more concerned about each and every child then having a perfectly running show. Of course you strive for perfection and you come so close. But you are willing to wait for a child to get dressed and get on the stage. That means at times the audience may sit and wait. As parents we would all prefer to patiently wait as opposed to any child missing a dance that they have worked all year on.
    22. Family, Family, Family
    23. Fun, Fun Fun
    I truly can’t express our thanks enough! Thanks for a great first year and we can’t wait for year number 2!!

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    Carrie Hughes (Tuesday, 14 April 2015 19:05)


    I thoroughly enjoyed the show Saturday night and I'm so sorry I couldn't stick around long enough afterward to tell you in person. WOWWWWWW!!!! So much talent at your studio! And so much brilliant teaching, coaching, and choreography. Everything was put together with such professionalism, and I had to giggle knowing what a tight ship you had to run backstage in order to pull everything off so seamlessly. Congrats to you and your gifted teachers and students. So much heart on that stage!

    Look forward to spending time at your studio soon!

    Courtney Harris, Assistant Professor
    Department of Dance and Choreography / School of the Arts
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    1315 Floyd Avenue / P.O. Box 843007 / Richmond, VA 23284
    804-828-3843 / http://arts.vcu.edu/dance
    CORPS de Ballet International, Treasurer

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    Lynne Harper/Gigi Davis (Saturday, 17 May 2014 11:51)

    I had to take time to thank Carrie and Kat and their helpers for making my niece's (Gigi Davis) birthday fabulous. She has a photo shoot dance party and it was great. Gigi told me it was her best birthday yet. She turned 7. All the kids had a wonderful time. I would recommend it to any child having a birthdy party. Plenty of room for the kids to run wild and dance and just had a good time. The kids even got to take a CD home of the party music played during the party. Gigi will be starting her 4th year with CDC in the fall and she has loved every minute of coming to the dance at the studio. All the dance teachers are top notch and really care about each and every kid that attend classes at the studio. Gigi went to her first convention and was so excited. I missed it but from reports back to me, it was an excellent experience for the younger kids that got to go for the first time.

    Gigi has had parties at Diva's and Dudes Rock Party Castle and they were nice but just not the amount of room or preparation and planning that went into the CDC party.

    I would recommend CDC to anyone who has a child who wants to take dance. (or have the best birthday yet.)

    Thanks to everyone at CDC.
    Lynne Harper

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    Cheri McCall (Sunday, 16 February 2014 18:19)

    Now that we have our first competition of our first season with you under our belts, I could not wait any longer to say how professional, motivational, caring, consistent and organized we have found CDC.

    Your passion for the art of dance and your ability to pass along that passion and skilled artistic technique to your students is amazing to watch. The stories your students tell in their pieces are beautiful.

    And while your standards are high, it is apparent that your staff cares about each student individually and equally (though I do not know how you find the time - don't think the quote in the goodie bag, goodies after comp or loaned out socks go unnoticed). CDC instructors consistently work with each dancer to highlight their strengths while challenging them to explore new areas of dance.

    The positive environment your leadership fosters among the dancers lends itself to a comfortable, accepting place for your students to learn about the art form they love and it has created a strong, bonded company of dancers that care about each other and cheer for each other's successes. Kudos to all!

    And outside of all this you manage to throw in lots of good fun, excitement and some craziness! Thanks for being the kind of people others like to be around.

    PS to parents - do not ever think your dancer is too old to make a studio switch - it may be the best thing he or she will ever do.

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    Sharon Parker (Wednesday, 31 July 2013 16:05)

    I am so excited for the coming dance year. The love of dance Carrie and Kat and everyone at CDC have given my daughters is only surpassed by the dance skills they have learned! Miss Carrie and Kat and the entire staff genuinely care about our dancers!

    A special shout out to Tony - thanks for getting my girl's feet to tap! She LOVES it thanks to you!

    Not to be forgot! I truly believe the level dance instruction and choreography always amazes me! The beauty of the story sometimes moves me to tears...I know corny but TRUE!

    Last year's recital was so EPIC but I hear this year will be SWEET!! Thanks CDC!

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    Becca (Monday, 08 July 2013 08:14)

    My daughter came to CDC two years ago, this fall will be here third year. My daughter, like Gigi, (see story below) had danced at a different studio since the age of two and we found that it wasn't a good fit for her quiet personality. All of the CDC staff helped Hailey feel comfortable and now she thinks she is related to Kat and Carrie! And they treat her and every dancer like their own children. I have found that every instructor will answer any question you may have about your dancer and help you to understand the techniques and style of dance your dancer may be learning. Hailey will come home and tell me different names of the techniques she has learned..so not only is she getting the physical aspect of dance, she is connecting the dots when an instructor tells her to do a certain technique, she can do it without being showed what it is. It is comforting to know that Hailey is learning more than just a "dance routine". She knows the names of the techniques being used and the difference in the styles of the dances, she has become more confident, and most of all, she met all of her best friends at CDC. My oldest daughter loved the staff and dancers so much at CDC, she stopped playing softball to start taking hip hop classes!
    Anyone considering CDC for their dancer should give it a try, I promise you'll be blown away by the experience and friendliness of the staff and other parents and dancers at CDC!

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    Lynne Harper (Tuesday, 11 June 2013 10:27)

    I wanted to give a big thanks to all the staff at CDC. I have been through 2 recitals so far with CDC and they are so enjoyable and the hard work the staff and students have done through out the year really shines through.

    My niece Gigi Davis started dance at CDC at 4 and will be starting her 3rd year in the fall and she loves it. When I told her I signed her up for 3 summer dance classes she squealed with joy.

    Gigi took dance at another dance school when she was 3 and I was so glad I found Chesterfield Dance Center and got her signed up at 4. I first started her in Ballet at CDC and then there was a Hippity Hop class after her Ballet and she watched them and on the way home she told me she wanted to take Hip Hop instead of Ballet, I told her no ballet, no hip hop. She said OK and took both classes. In the 2012 Recital she did her Hippity Hop Routine and Ballet Performance. She watched some of the older girls perform at the recital that year and after the Recital she told me "I love Ballet, it is beautiful."

    I would recommend CDC to any new dancer starting out or any dancer looking to dance at a new studio. The staff really wants each and every dancer to do their best and will guide them every step of the way.

    The new studio has much more room and now Carrie has Kritina to do the office work so she can run the studio and keep an eye on everything. Carrie wants each and every dancer to perform at the best of their ability. Carrie seems to be on top of all the activities at the studio and she will answer any question you may have about your dancer. She will get feed back on all the dancers so she knows what is going on with every dancer.

    This years recital in 2013 was wonderful. Even allowed the adults to do the Harlem Shake for 20 seconds if they so desired. We got our 20 seconds of fame this year.

    I took Gigi and 3 of her friends from her dance classes to sit in the audience with me after they had finished there performances. It was so cute to watch the younger ones watch the older girls dance. They just enjoyed it so much and they were so impressed. One of them said, "I want to dance that good when I get older." alot of "wows" too.

    Chesterfield Dance Center gives you a warm and fuzzy and as many dancers as are enrolled, it still feels like s big family and everyone wants all the students to do an excellent job.

    The Recitals have gone off without any major issues. I had some of my friends come this year and watch and they were amazed at how well the dancers could dance. They told me "that is the place for Gigi to be for dance."
    Again thanks to all the staff at CDC. Keep up the good work.

    Lynne Harper

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    Casey Higgins (Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:14)

    Great recital! Thank you for you and your staff's dedication to the dancers. We see huge improvements year after year, and Caitlin is so eager to take more classes.

    Thank you again! You guys are awesome!


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    Nancy Yglesias (Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:10)

    Dear Carrie and staff,
    I just wanted to let you know that I was VERY impressed with the recital this weekend! The dancers seemed well-prepared with great routines and very tasteful costumes! Julianne had a great year dancing and I am glad that she is part of your studio. You've done an excellent job!!

    Nancy Yglesias

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    Mrs. B. Olanrewaju (Wednesday, 15 September 2010 12:49)

    For many years we faithfully traveled from Chester to Brandermill so that my daughter, Britney Olanrewaju, could attend the dance center of her choice. There was none other like Chesterfield Dance Center according to Britney O. We passed multiple dance studios and there were many days I thought, this is just ridiculous. Nevertheless, from the age of 7 to 17 one of the family vehicles was on Rt. 288 for as many as 3 to 5 days per week.
    In Britney’s early childhood her focus was playing soccer and basketball. She was an awesome competitor in both sports. I enrolled her into the first dance class at the age of 7 simply to balance her activities. Miss Carrie, as she was affectionately known, was Britney’s first teacher. We would have never thought that our daughter would give up both sports to focus on dance. However, at middle school age Britney decided that “dance” was her activity of choice.
    Britney excelled in jazz, modern, contemporary and hip hop dance styles. Dancing became her #1 love. She was accepted into the Specialty Center for Performing Arts at Thomas Dale High School. Right away it was apparent that her technique was very advanced compared to many other dancers in the program, which can be contributed to the training she received at CDC. There were numerous dance opportunities afforded to Britney during her high school tenure, which can be attributed to her CDC training.
    Currently, Britney is in her 2nd year at George Mason University majoring in Performing Arts/Dance and Business Management. Also, she is a member of the GMU Urbankowlogy Hip Hop Dance Team. During her freshman year they were selected to audition for America’s Got Talent. I hear the excitement in her voice every time we speak. The excitement that comes from dancing! Thanks to the great CDC team for the many years that you provided love, encouragement and mentoring to our daughter, BRITNEY OLANREWAJU.

    Mrs. B. Olanrewaju

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    Sabrina Nordan (Saturday, 29 May 2010 09:56)

    As the first student to detail my experience at CDC here on their website, I hope I might offer potential dancers insight as to how Chesterfield Dance Center works. I've been dancing at CDC for four years, and now as a senior looking back, I can truly understand that CDC is a home to me and how much of an impact the faculty and dancers there have made on my life. Before I started classes I was downright awful. I didn't know a pirouette from a calypso (One is a turn, the other a jump--kind of a big difference). But over four short years, Chesterfield Dance Center and its staff molded me into the dancer I am today: a member of Cosby High School's award-winning dance team, Titania, who nailed her double pirouette in her Jazz routine in the recent recital. Some may not realize what I big accomplishment this is; most dancers train from the age of three and never stop. Yet, in four years CDC has brought me up to par with those who have danced all their lives. Throughout my four years, my teachers encouraged me rather than treating me like a hopeless case who started too late, which was honestly what I felt like. There was a communal belief in me between all the teachers there, even those who did not have me as a student. And when you're the oldest in all your classes by at least 3 or 4 years, having someone treat you nicely is refreshing to your ego. My junior year I decided I would try out for CHS' Titania, "just for fun." When I told Miss Liz I was trying out, she offered to help me with a few technical skills I needed to tweak. On her own time, off payroll, she helped me perfect my axle, Russian, and turns. With Miss Liz's help, I made it on the dance team, and was probably its proudest member. The great thing about Chesterfield Dance Center is that any teacher would have done that for me, for any student. At Chesterfield Dance Center it's like we're a family, constantly helping each other. CDC encourages an environment where dancers are friends, not competitors, and teachers are there to help you, not babysit you. Dancing has taught me grace, poise, strength, identity, and confidence, all traits any young person should have. Looking back at myself four years ago desperately trying to find a dance studio, I'm thankful I picked the right one. Chesterfield Dance Center has become my home, through its family like environment, professional staff, and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. If you or your child is considering Chesterfield Dance Center try a class, talk to the staff and I guarantee you'll find your home here too.

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    Shannon Moeller (Monday, 24 May 2010 21:45)

    Thank you and the staff of CDC. As a music teacher, I understand all that goes into putting on a show like this weekend, and you did an outstanding job. But more important than the great show, is the love of dance that you instill in your dancers. Madeline LOVES coming to dance each week, and was so excited about the performance this weekend. Thank you and Lauren and Katelyn for developing this love of dance in her. You are all amazing!!!

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    Shawn Senning (Sunday, 23 May 2010 13:22)

    Beautiful recital!!!!

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    Mrs. D (Saturday, 01 May 2010 23:01)

    Although my daughter, Kelsey, has only been dancing with you for one year, I would like to say that I am quite impressed with the dance training my daughter received at Chesterfield Dance Center. I think it is amazing that you give the dancers so many opportunities to perform throughout the year as well as bringing in awesome teachers for Master Classes. You have definitely helped to prepare my daughter for her college experience as she works toward her BFA in dance next year. And for that, we thank all the teachers at CDC!

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    Julinda Lewis, Richmond Times Dispatch (Friday, 30 April 2010 12:41)

    4/5/2010, review of rva dance collective's evening length show, 'breakthrough'

    "The Chesterfield Dance Center's student dance group, dELIRIUM were the evening's special guests, and performed a stark, eerie and intriguing work, "Parameters," set to an Ani DiFranco song of the same name, that begins with a lesson about coming home to find a strange man sitting in your bedroom. The young group's message was quite compatible with that of their mentors."

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    Amy Pritchard (Friday, 30 April 2010 12:39)

    My daughter has taken dance at CDC for 4 years and she loves it! The knowledge of the instructors and support given to my daughter by the CDC staff is what makes the difference in encouraging a love of dance. CDC’s flexibility in allowing my daughter to try more challenging classes provides another benefit that I haven’t found with other dance studios. They focus on assessing the individual’s strengths rather than just trying to fill a class. It’s gone so well, that I enrolled my 4 year old this year too!

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    Irma Faszewski (Friday, 30 April 2010 12:38)

    As the mother of four girls, dance has been a very importan part of our lives for a long time. We have been part of the Chesterfield Dance Center family since it opened in 1998 by Liz Venini. Before that my children had been taking dance classes from another studio in the Richmond area. My eldest daughter Cari, 14, had been considered one of the best dancers at her old studio. When we started at Chesterfield Dance Center, Cari quickly realized that her knowledge of dance was less than students who were younger than her and had taken classes from Liz at another studio. It was a startling wake-up call to realize that she had not learned what she needed to learn after 11 years of dance. The level of instruction at Chesterfield Dance Center surpassed any of the instruction that my daughters had been receiving at the old studio. As the years passed I was always amazed at how much my daughters learned in their classes. The love and dedication that they teachers have for dance has been transferred to each of my daughters, so that their love for dance has also grown. Three of my daughters no longer take classes at CDC, but Cari takes ballroom classes at a studio in Washington DC, my second daughter Lauren, who is studying abroad, takes dance classes and is a member of a dance team in England, and my daughter Sarah is a member of a dance company and a dance minor at William and Mary. My youngest daughter Catherine is a senior this year and will be attending VCU, majoring in dance and choreography. When I started my children in dance, I had no idea how much it would eventually mean to them. I know that the instructors at Chesterfield Dance Center played a major role in my daughters love of dance.

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Outstanding Hip Hop Freestyle: Ravé Williams

Outstanding Tap Choreography: Lauren Stiglich


dELIRIUM Dance Company Specialty Awards

REVELRY Award 2024 (Revel)

Spirit of West Coast 2024

Studio of Excellence (presented by ADCC): A.S.H. 2024

Top 3 Studio: WCDE 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Studio of Excellence: WCDE 2021, 2022, 2023

Studio Spirit Award (Revel) 2023

Sportsmanship Award:  Revive 2022

TOP Revelations (Revel): 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Sportsmanship Award: West Coast Dance Explosion 2018

Dance Genre Cup Winner: West Coast Dance Explosion 2018 & 2019

Standout Studio: DMI 2018

Numerous Choreography & Entertainment Awards & Top Overall Placements: 2006-2024


Social Media


4930-4940 Millridge Parkway EAST

Midlothian, VA 23112





Office Hours

FALL 2023/SPRING 2024


4 to 7:30 PM


For an appointment, please email the studio at: info@chesterfielddancecenter.com











 Chesterfield Dance Center, LLC BBB Business Review
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