Being a member of dELIRIUM gives your child an opportunity to be a part of an elite group of dancers who will share experiences of a lifetime! Your child will be properly trained by a professional faculty in the disciplines of ballet, jazz, modern, and tap while performing the most innovative choreography around. They will also learn the values of respect, discipline, dedication, commitment, and unity.




“I don't want people who want to dance; I want people who have to dance."

- George Balanchine




(ɒnˈsɒmbəl; French ɑ̃sɑ̃blə)

1. all the parts of something considered together and in relation to the whole


THE MOVEMENT is the newest company born out of Chesterfield Dance Center’s family of dance companies.  Intended for students who are not yet ready to be on CDC’s award-winning company, dELIRIUM, but show passion and potential for the art of dance or excel in one specific genre, THE MOVEMENT dancers will work as their own entity as well as, collaboratively with dELIRIUM to grow that potential into greatness. Our hope for THE MOVEMENT is to allow less experienced dancers gain success by pushing them past their normal limits with more intense training, and the opportunity to compete alongside dELIRIUM.

Requirements vary dependent on your genre or level within the company. Basic requirements are 1 ballet technique class, 1 class in your specific genre(s), and 1 other class of your choosing.  If your goal is to add more genres to your place in the company and/or you wish to be on dELIRIUM in the future, it is recommended that you take 2 ballet technique classes, 1 jazz technique class, 1 modern technique class, 1 tap and/or contemporary class, plus conditioning.

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In order to maintain the highest quality of our companies, dancers are required to take a minimum of 1 jazz technique class, 1 ballet technique class (2 times a week), 1 modern technique class, 2 conditioning classes and 1 other technique class of their choice (ePIC, sENIOR  & jUNIOR teams) during each season.


The mINI team is required to take 1 jazz technique class, 1 ballet technique class and 1 tap technique class of their choosing. Other classes are strongly recommended to maximize your child's dancing potential.


The MOVEMENT team is required to take 1 ballet technique class, 1 technique class specific to their genre, and 1 other technique class of their choice. 



Competitions & Performances

ePIC, sENIOR & jUNIOR dELIRIUM attend 3-4 conventions/competitions per season (mINI dELIRIUM 2-3). Throughout the year, local events may be available for any of our companies to perform. All companies will perform at our annual Grace Street Theater show.

2016-2017 Competition Season


West Coast Dance Explosion (Bethesda, MD) January 27-29th 


 Toledo Surprise: Superstar, 1st Overall Teen Production & Tn/Sr Entertainment Award 

Go Ham: 5 Stars, 2nd Place Teen Hip Hop Large Group & 3rd Overall Teen Large Group

Lean On: 5 Stars, 1st Place Teen Tap Small Group & Rockin' Tap Award

Admit It: 5 Stars, 4th Overall Senior Solo 

Gold Digger: 5 Stars, 3rd Place Teen Jazz Large Group

Three Piece: 5 Stars, 1st Place Teen Hip Hop Duo/Trio 

Hold On: 5 Stars, 5th Overall Senior Solo 

Go Back: 5 Stars, 1st Place Teen Contemporary Small Group 

That's Life: 5 Stars, 1st Place Teen Open Small Group 

Nothing Better: 5 Stars, 2nd Place Teen Tap Large Group 

End Line: 5 Stars, 1st Place Teen Open Large Group 

We Sink: 5 Stars 

Moments Passed: 5 Stars 

I'm Alive: 5 Stars, 3rd Overall Junior Duo/Trio

Let's Dance: 5 Stars, 1st Place Junior Jazz Large Group & Mini/Jr Entertainment Award 

Keep Breathing: 5 Stars, 2nd Place Junior Contemporary Duo/Trio 

Why Not?: 5 Stars 

Green & Gold: 5 Stars 

Na Na: 5 Stars, 1st Place Teen Tap Solo & Rockin' Tap Award 

Breathe In: 5 Stars, 2nd Place Junior Contemporary Large Group 

Keep Coming: 5 Stars, 3rd Place Junior Contemporary Duo/Trio

The Box: 5 Stars

Orange Sky: 4 Stars 

Hide & Seek: 4 Stars, 3rd Place Junior Contemporary Small Group


Excellence in Class Awards

                                     Contemporary: : Gracie Briggs, Amirah Diggs, Kha-Ai Pham, Ashlyn Richards, Caylee Seymour, Riley Ziegler

Jazz: Gracie Briggs, Amirah Diggs, Ella Escobar, Avery Lodge, Ashlyn Richards, Caylee Seymour, Riley Ziegler

Hip Hop: Avery Lodge, Caylee Seymour, Holly Stier 

Musical Theater: Haley Winstead 




Finalists: Kaitlyn Banks, Summer Lawson, Avery Lodge, Cameron Lodge, Da-Lan Pham, Kha-Ai Pham,

Caylee Seymour, Morgan Shaffer, Olivia Tarlton


Ballet Scholarship: Ashlyn Richards

Tap Scholarship: Riley Ziegler

Single Convention: Gracie Briggs & Ella Escobar

Year-Long: Haley Winstead

Mini Elite Runner- Up: Amirah Diggs 


 Radix Dance Convention (Concord, NC) March 3-5th 


Keep Breathing: ON THE EDGE and 1st Place Junior Duo/Trio

I'm Alive: High Gold and 2nd Place Junior Duo/Trio

Keep Coming: High Gold 

Why Not?: High Gold, Highest Scoring Teen Specialty and Teen Best Of Radix

Nothing Better: High Gold

Orange Sky: High Gold

I Lived: High Gold and Junior Best Of Radix

We Sink: High Gold

Moments Passed: Gold

Let's Dance: Gold, 3rd Place Junior Line

Na Na: Gold

Hide & Seek: Gold

Breathe In: Gold


Mini Core Performer Winner: Olivia Tarlton


Cutting Edge Scholarships

Ballet: Kha-Ai Pham

Tap: Ashna Patel

Jazz/Contemporary: Ella Escobar, Abby Farrow, Lexi Gambardella, Savannah Hensley, Avery Lodge 


Grace Street Theater Show  (Richmond, VA) March 18th


Another SOLD OUT SHOW! Congrats dancers on a wonderful evening! 


Revel Dance Convention (Baltimore, MD) April 7-9th 


Toledo Surprise: Ultimate, 1st Overall Junior Line

End Line: Ultimate, 1st Overall Teen Large Group

That's Life: Ultimate, 1st Overall Teen Small Group

Admit It: Ultimate, 1st Overall Senior Solo

Keep Breathing: Ultimate, 2nd Overall Junior Duo/Trio

Hold On: Ultimate, 2nd Overall Senior Solo

Lean On: Ultimate, 2nd Overall Teen Small Group

Na Na: Ultimate, 3rd Overall Teen Solo

The Box: Ultimate, 4th Overall Teen Solo

I Lived: Ultimate, 1st Overall Junior Small Group

Cruella Deville: Ultimate, 1st Overall Mini Large Group

Breathe In: Ultimate, 1st Overall Junior Large Group

Gold Digger: Ultimate, 2nd Overall Teen Large Group

Three Piece: Ultimate, 1st Overall Teen Duo/Trio

Go Back: Ultimate

Nothing Better: Ultimate, 2nd Overall Junior Large Group

Orange Sky: Hi Platinum

The Battle: Hi Platinum, 1st Overall Junior Production

Keep Coming: Hi Platinum

Go Ham: Hi Platinum, 3rd Overall Teen Large Group

I'm Alive: Hi Platinum

Green & Gold: Hi Platinum, 8th Overall Teen Solo

We Sink: Hi Platinum

Boogie Oogie: Hi Platinum

Moments Passed: Hi Platinum

Why Not?: Hi Platinum

Attitude Dance: Hi Platinum, 1st Overall Mini Small Group 

Hide & Seek: Hi Platinum, 2nd Overall Junior Small Group

Let's Dance: Platinum 


Choreography Awards

End Line: Teddy Tedholm

Hold On: Lauren Stiglich


Revelry Awards (Entertainment Award)

Mini: Cruella Deville

Junior: Toledo Surprise

Teen: Three Piece

Senior: Admit It 



Mini Revel Rewards: Gracie Briggs, Amirah Diggs, Molly Melinat, Caylee Seymour, Riley Ziegler

Junior Revel Rewards: Ella Escobar, Kha-Ai Pham, Abi Stone

Teen Revel Rewards: Hadley Barrett, Summer Lawson, Da-Lan Pham, Haley Winstead

Senior Revel Rewards: Holly Stier

CLI Studios: Ellen Whitton

PRO REVELER: Mary Brant Leitch & Morgan Shaffer 


 Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention (Norfolk, VA) May 5-7th


Hold On: Platinum, 1st Place SR Tap Solo & 2nd Overall SR solo

Toledo Surprise: Platinum,1st Place Teen Musical Theater Production & 1st Overall Teen Production

Lean On: Platinum, 1st Place Teen Tap Small Group & 1st Overall Teen Small Group

End Line: Platinum, 1st Place Teen Open Large Group & 2nd Overall Teen Large Group

Keep Breathing: Platinum, 1st Place Int Contemporary Duo/Trio & 1st Overall Intermediate Duo/Trio

Attitude Dance: Platinum, 1st Place Junior Tap Small Group & 3rd Overall Junior Small Group

Gold Digger: Platinum, 1st Place Teen Jazz Large Group & 4th Overall Teen Large Group

I’m Alive: High Gold, 2nd Place Int Tap Duo/Trio & 5th Overall Int Duo/Trio

That’s Life: High Gold, 3rd Place Senior Open Small Group 

Green & Gold: High Gold 

Breathe In: High Gold, 1st Place Int Contemporary Large Group & 4th Overall Intermediate Large Group

Admit It: High Gold 

Boogie Oogie: High Gold & 1st Overall Junior Large Group 

Three Piece: High Gold, 1st Place Teen Hip Hop Duo/Trio

Na Na: High Gold 

Keep Coming: High Gold, 3rd Place Int Contemporary Duo/Trio 

The Battle: High Gold & 5th Overall Intermediate Production 

I Lived: High Gold, 3rd Place Int Contemporary Small Group & 5th Overall Intermediate Small Group 

Cruella Deville: 1st Place Junior Musical Theater Large Group & 2nd Overall Junior Large Group

Orange Sky: High Gold, 1st Place Int Jazz Duo/Trio 

Go Ham: High Gold

The Box: High Gold 

Why Not?: High Gold 

We Sink: High Gold 

Moments Passed: High Gold 

 Nothing Better: High Gold

Go Back: High Gold 

Hide & Seek: High Gold 

Let's Dance: Gold, 3rd Place Intermediate Jazz Large Group 


Specialty Awards


Most Entertaining

Junior/Intermediate Small Groups: Attitude Dance

Teen/Senior Small Groups: That's Life 

Teen/Senior Large Group & Production: Toledo Surprise 


Best Direction

Breathe In 


Judges Pick

I Lived- Caitlin Kinney





 Gracie Briggs, Amirah Diggs, Summer Lawson, Kha-Ai Pham, Sydney Prussman


Hip Hop Class: Kenni Willwerth

Class: Holly Stier

50% Convention: Caylee Seymour

Nationals: Annaiya Winstead

Regionals: Abby Farrow

Team Hollywood Vibe: Morgan Shaffer

LA Agency: Abby Farrow & Kha-Ai Pham 




Flock, Radix 2016



Mondays 4-5:15

Thursdays 8:15-9:15



Mondays 4-5:15

Thursdays 8:15-9:15



Tuesdays 6:30-7:30



Fridays 5:45 to 6:45


If you would like more information on our companies, or have a performance opportunity, please call the studio (804-763-0710).